Tuesday, 3 September 2013

First Day Jitters

Hey Everyone!
 I hope you have had a great summer and you are all looking forward to coming back to join us at the school this year. I know for a fact that your teachers have been working hard preparing for all of you to come back to make this the best year ever.

We have decided to start this middle years blog at AES so that parents and students alike have a good ideas as to what is going on as many of our students have more than one teacher throughout the school day. We are hoping that this blogspot is a place you can come and look for assignment dates, special activity announcements and so on in the school. You may also find that we use this blog just to give you an update as to what is going on with the classes at school so that parents know what is being covered or some of the ideas being taught, although really this isn't necessary because I know ALL of our students go home to tell you all about what happened and what they learnt at school that day.

Just to get it started here are somethings that you should know:

  • September 9th is picture day, it is coming very quick!
  • You will be getting a package of information home with lots of information please return the forms that need to be returned in a timely fashion!
  • We will be having our first assembly Wednesday to do a quick meet and greet with all the staff! There are a few new staff in our school this year!
Mrs. Froese

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