Tuesday, 21 January 2014

6/7 French Assignment

Grade 6/7's are working on creating a power point/poster/brochure welcoming a visitor from a foreign country. This visitor has never been to Canada and has no idea what they need to bring with them or what they can expect to do in Canada (specifically in the prairie provinces preferably) in January. The students must make a attractive poster/power point/flyer explaining what this person needs to pack, what they can eat and what they can expect to do in the winter here for activities. Each student must also make a personal recommendation on what they think this person should do.
The assignment must contain:

  • what to wear
  • what to do
  • try something new
  • what they can eat
Assignment Break down:
Yesterday's class: Research
Jan 22: Research gather all the information and choose the format you want to present with
Jan 23: use a french english dictionary to translate clothing words and start forming simple sentences followed by lists of needed items. (Teacher directed)
Jan 28th: use google translate to help translate more complex sentences and work on formatting of assignment (start organzing your poster or power point or whatever it is you decided to make)
Jan 30th: Finish inputting all your information, add graphics and make overall presentation attractive to the eye.

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