Sunday, 1 December 2013

Today's Assignement

Grade 6/7, today you will doing a reading comprehension on Christmas traditions in France. Ms. Craik will hand you out the reading. When you are done reading it, please respectfully go up to the desk and ask for the assignment. You will use the reading to help answer the questions in the assignment. You must answer each question with a full sentence or more. These assignments are due Wednesday, December 3rd at 12:05. Failure to complete this assignment on time will result in you staying in at lunch hours to complete and a phone call home about homework. Once you are done the assignment you are to choose one of these words and make a 8x11 flash card (regular sized white paper) with a corresponding picture for the word. these will be displayed on one of our french Bulletin boards and are to encourage some of our younger students to use the simple language to express their understanding! Please put your best effort into these! Your vocabulary is:
Le revellion
Un bonhomme de neige
il neige
un ange de neige
une pelle
les mitaines
une raquette
le glacon
les ski
la glace
les patines
le chocolat chaud
les gants
un habit du neige
un manteau

Have a Great Day!
Mrs. Froese

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